You get irritable quite often.

When you get frustrated, you’d rather be alone.

You’ve been so angry you’ve blacked out.& It’s happened more than once.

You break things when you’re angry.

You’ve hit someone when you were angry.& It’s happened more than once.

You’ve actually punched someone before.

People in general make you angry.

You get irritable when you PMS.

You get irritable when you’re tired or over-tired.

You wake up grumpy all the time.

It takes a lot to calm you down when you’re mad.

You bottle your anger up inside.& It always gets let out on the wrong person.

If someone pisses you off, you don’t care who they are, you’ll let them know in some way, that they made you angry.


Sometimes you’re happy for no reason at all.

You are generally a happy, optimistic person.

The small things in life make you happy.

There are many people in your life that make you very happy.

You know exactly how to make yourself happy.

You can turn (almost) any negative situation into a positive one.

You get complimented on your smile a lot.

You laugh very, very often.

When you’re happy, it doesn’t take a lot to make you mad/upset/sad again.

Sometimes you get so happy that you actually feel lighter (physically).

You try your hardest to always be happy, no matter what life throws at you.

Out of every bad thing in life comes something good.

You cry “tears of joy” fairly often.

It doesn’t take a lot to get you excited.

People have told you that your entire face lights up when you smile.


You’ve been diagnosed with depression (this includes in the past).

When you get depressed, you often feel drained and exhausted.

When you’re depressed, you have trouble looking forward to/enjoying anything.

You like to be alone when you’re sad.

You cry a lot when you’re sad.

When you are down, you like others to cheer you up.

 Sometimes you like others’ sympathy towards you.

When you are down, you like to cheer yourself up.

Thinking of the future gives you a sort of depressing feeling at times.

You want to help other people going through depression, because you know how it feels.

You went through depression in the past, but you still have those days

You know how to control your depression now.& It’s helped you a lot lately.

You hate when others act like they’re depressed and hurting just for the attention.

You know someone who intentionally hurt themselves just for attention. & You feel that it’s a problem in itself, therefore they shouldn’t be judged so harshly.

Anxiety (If It’s Considered An Emotion)

You don’t have anxiety, but you know what it is.

You have more than one legitimate phobia (a phobia is an irrational fear that often gets in the way of your life).

You’ve had more than one severe panic attack before.

You are sort of afraid to develop an anxiety disorder.

You have actually physically hurt yourself (by accident) somehow, while you were having a panic attack.

Anxiety sometimes disrupts your sleeping habits.

You have social anxiety.

You have generalized anxiety disorder.

You sometimes enjoy the thrill of adrenaline.

People don’t always understand your disorder.

Not a lot of people know that you have anxiety.

You know more than five people (personally) that have anxiety.

Someone you know has tried to say they have anxiety when you knew for a fact they didn’t.& It sort of offended you.

Even though you don’t often have panic attacks, you feel the beginning effects of them daily, or almost daily.& It really bothers you when it happens.

Sometimes your anxiety makes you feel like you’re slightly “crazy”, so you have trouble talking about it/explaining it to people.

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Soo .. You nag at me to get a job, but ..

You won’t give me a ride into town to put out resumes & talk to employers? Wow, you make plenty of god damn sense. Urgh. :(

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